Friday, 15 February 2013

2go Rapid Star Increase

Have you ever wanted your star progress to move rapidly......or you stayed too long on a star.....e.g professional all u need to do is download either one of the two modded 2go app below°...........It would suprise you that 2go star progress don't do much increse by how long you stay online but increases more by how many times you log in and out....These two mods automatically logs you in and out as much as when you wanna sleep or busy just launch the mod and leave it.....I'll upload the pc version later.NOTE Launch it with a glo sim....without no credit or data plan/bundle °°°°Download here>>>>>
4 in 1 2go by ksvntin(chat or boost)

how to change 2go background

Today i bring you a hot
tutorial on how to use your picture as 2go
Firstly you will have to download the
background embedded 2go
download @ the download zone
Now after you have downloaded the App
open it and press option then press General
settings => Den you will see a box titled
Background path. Under it you will see
something like FILE://E://MZMOD.PNG nw
delete that Mzmod.png then put your image
link e.g Biggest boy.png, Success!!!!
1. Move or copy that biggestboy.png to your
memory card after doing that now press
option then save now open that 2go, You
are going to see that image there is going to
be your new 2go style.
2. For phones like nokia c1,c2, nokia 3310c
and other dont use any image that has more
than 60kb memory nd the resolution must
not be more than 360*360.
now open your 2go then press the green
key to take a screenshot then upload it as
your profile picture and see how your
friends will be asking you questions that
how did you do it.
>> The screenshot is stored in a folder
named JIE inside the folder is where you are
going to see the screenshot pictures. I hope
this tutorial helps?

Friday, 1 February 2013


1. First create a hosting account if u don't have one use this Peakhost.TK,
2. Now after registration , check ur email 4 cOnfirmation msg and click the link given to activate your account..
- then goto "Control Panel" under your hosting menu. Create new account and goto its contr0l panel.
- There You will find the following details domain: yourdomain.ext
Ip Address:
Note: remember d following details bcos u'll be needing dem whenever u want to upload scripts or edit yoursite.
How to Login via FTP clients to upload script and edit ur site: here u will be needing the details which u've noted above. there are different type of ftp client site, but they require the same informations to for you to login.
Here are some of them:
How to Login: some textbox will shown to you or any ftp client site but only the following are mandatory and make sure u enter ur details accordingly to avoid errors..
1. FTP server: ftp.ursite.ext , ursite.ext or enter the IP Address of your acct. e.g: , or
2. Port: 21
Username: ur username e.g: u3923636369
Password: enter the password which u used when creating the acct.
U can leave other textbox empty or with
their default values..
Then u're Good to Go.
Uploading ur script: after login in successfully, u will see a folder named public_html enter into the folder then upload your files or Scripts there..
U Can Contact me if u face any problem using any of this:
Twitter: k17mail
2go :ksvntin
Facebook: sunmola ayokunle